view from my window one afternoon

The sun,

it shines from some mysterious place

illuminating seagulls with calm.

Like tiny bright diamonds they glitter

iridescent like stars

in the cloudy blue.

Hope, it

is something like that. The dreams

that scar our dreams alive, the

breath that keeps humanity even

in a place of healing


Breathe, the

air expands my chest, a heart

beating again through a courageous lift

reminiscent of paradise –

there is an opening into joy.



Homesick for her heart

her slippers


in many years of pain.

Drifting in her toes

her feet


for a multitude of losses.

Elegantly fragile ankles

her legs


where all the shadows lie.

Pining for reality

her eyes


pouring long held tears.

Time stood still

in limbs, eyes, ears


weaning for a miracle of truth


come home.

Where are you all?

We’ve been missing all your lovely presences throughout the Winter season in Marylebone Library on Monday evenings. Where are you all? Come back to our group!
Or, if you’ve not yet been, you are very very welcome to join us.
We are a well established friendly creative writing group meeting every Monday evening at Marylebone Library from 6.30 to 8pm.
Come to listen or read or both. Oh, and we’re free!
See you soon!