Reaching Lily?

She stood so softly, she stood,

arms wrapped around angular


Bird shuttering eyes whipping


Curled back into the confines of cushions deep,

icy dewdrop of tears

shadow the mask of all shadowing.


It is hard to reach her,

anger scored deep into her bones –

keep away

fearsome prisoner

until I am yours.


Always delineating an

exit strategy,

no protective arms

swept this sinner from harm.


But the damage is not permanent,

rest true,

it is time to be reached,

it is time to celebrate acceptance.


Flesh of my flesh


sensuous serenity lingers

until the punishment room beckons again.

But, this is not that.

She wakefully cries stolen tears –

These are not superficial wars.

Crumbling was bought in the academy of disdain

Before her heart began wanting – 


whenever that was. 


view from my window one afternoon

The sun,

it shines from some mysterious place

illuminating seagulls with calm.

Like tiny bright diamonds they glitter

iridescent like stars

in the cloudy blue.

Hope, it

is something like that. The dreams

that scar our dreams alive, the

breath that keeps humanity even

in a place of healing


Breathe, the

air expands my chest, a heart

beating again through a courageous lift

reminiscent of paradise –

there is an opening into joy.


Homesick for her heart

her slippers


in many years of pain.

Drifting in her toes

her feet


for a multitude of losses.

Elegantly fragile ankles

her legs


where all the shadows lie.

Pining for reality

her eyes


pouring long held tears.

Time stood still

in limbs, eyes, ears


weaning for a miracle of truth


come home.

Autumn leaves dreaming of love

This playful intimate fosters
hands wrapped
in luminescent orange
leaves, seeping
maple syrup luxuriance
and arms entwined
in the forest
where generosity meets with forgiveness.
The hero of the climb
squeezing them softly against
her ache torn breast.
The grapes of wrath have fallen, then,
cliched love
arms mapped in partnership
as they scale the stairs –
yellow papered leaves
bleeding, leeching
a path to paradise
surrendering each grey stone
to preciously forgotten fears.
I’m in the dark, glistening
he said
she said
soothe me anew
let this leaving of the warm place
envelop us in humanity,
not fallen.

I’ve worked a bit at the end part. Hmm..

An example of tone in poetry – a course exercise

It is oft down the path of the lost
that they were found.

Trees scrabbling ancient passageways
dust covering what’s fallen.

Just one tiny drip dropping
remembers dew drops on eternity.

They crave a hand hold
in the solid dark empty narrowness.

Ominous heart leapings scare
the bravest of sorrows.

But they are courageous
dawn slipping gently through the shadows.

Forever calling your name
they enter paradise for eternity.

Bliss, humanity, what is it?
They have no memory of the fallen.