Queen of Winter

As twilight precedes the Dawn
& the day begins to break,
The darkness recedes to Erebus
& Nox resides for morning’s sake.

The grass & trees are clear
With nought but leaves & branches on them;
Then I feel her spirit wake
Her eyes like crystals or bright white gems.

She stretches her limbs, her body writhes
It’s apparent that she’s coming to;
She yawns as she stretches
It becomes a refreshing light breeze, bending the grass upon my shoes.

At first I’m uncertain
Not sure of what I feel,
& then the first snowflake
Descends to my heel.

My eyes are led downward
Watching it turn to water;
Then I feel cold on the tip of my ear
& my eyes behold yet another.

Next 3 then 4 then more & more
As the grass begins to coat;
My eyes come up & lo the trees
Are wearing a brilliant white coat.

I assume she’s shedding off
The frost of the night;
Though if I thought of how I knew all this
I’d probably end up in terror & fright.

The birds overhead
Are happily chirping;
This seems rather odd
For shouldn’t they be freezing?

Then I hear a voice sing,
Not words or speech just beautiful sound.
“It must be the wind” I think
But hear it again from the echoes that resound.

I look back around me
Up at the mountains afar;
I think I’m finally crazy,
For they seem full of happiness & laughter.

I hear another sound,
This time it’s different;
It’s that of wolves
Yellow eyes stare at me with nameless intent.

Yet they pass me by
As polite as neighbours;
“What madness is this?”
My mind reels & wonders.

I’m close to the edge now
Any more of this & I’ll break;
But then the song comes again
& leaves me calm in its wake.

I take a step forward
My boots sink into the snow,
Yet another step
& I’m prepared to go…

To anywhere the voice will lead
As long as it sings.
But then it stops
& unhappiness the silence brings.

I know not how I know when,
I know not why;
But I lift my gaze upward
& at the sight my heart urges my eyes to cry…

For I behold before me
The beauty of the ice,
The owner of the voice
Of description no words would suffice.

So I just look on
& surprisingly feel warmed by summer’s rays.
Be it her smile the cause,
Or this madness had finally set my brain ablaze…

I stare speechless at this goddess;
She takes a step without moving,
Lifts the winter to my face
& wipes the tear off my cheek…it’s soothing.

She replaces it with a kiss
& tells me shed no tears.
Her care & consolation,
Washes away worldly worries & fears.

She leaves me hopeful & alive.
Funny but not surprising;
For one who brings the winter
She leaves me with a disposition of spring.

I lie on the snow
Looking up at the sky;
All is peaceful now
Across the stars I see Aurora fly.

The warmth that was alight within me
Slowly begins to fade.
Replaced with silent sadness,
For the miracle is almost unmade.

I reach a hand to my face
& Pull away what she wiped away;
The tear turned to diamond
Holds the memory for me of that unforgettable day


Caught In The Eyes Of An Angel

Caught in the eyes of an Angel…

This life so slow;
So boring, so no
I wouldn’t like to tell you of mine.

I travel, I work,
I strive & I toil
But still no interest do I find.

Do not get me wrong
There’s damsels, there’s riches
To inheritance I’m 3rd in the line…

But still I lie waiting
My mind always saying
Sweet ‘Mercy’ when will I be thine.

I believe there is nothing
Worth feeling, worth wanting;
No emotion or possession so fine,

That would send my mind reeling;
My body left feeling
“My word aren’t you one of a kind.”

Before I unfold which
Events have led to this:
(my telling my tale of ascension).

I just want to say that
I’ll always tip my hat
To matters of love & emotion.

Now where was I…ah
Disillusioned by far
With life uneventful & sour.

I knelt down & prayed
To God & I said
“I want to know love by the hour.”

I opened my eyes
Looked up to the skies
& felt the wind wash me with power.

Then I looked back down,
& lo had I found
I was caught in the eyes of an Angel.

She was quite a beauty,
Hispanic & truly
The curviest of lasses was she.

But I noticed those later
At the moment what mattered
Was beauty & love I did see;

In the eyes of a stranger? Believe.

I know not description
Or any known diction
That can capture such a vision of truth.

My heart beat & pounded,
My pulse wildly thudded
I didn’t know what I would do.

She looked right at me,
Through me she did she
For I felt her lovely green gaze pierce my soul.

All the charity I’ve done;
All the good I’d forgone;

My spirit was bared on the whole,

To the eyes of an Angel, at a moment in time

Saving your important manuscripts

Chronicles of Tania

I recently had a computer malfunction and almost lost my precious manuscripts till a few people told me about cloud computing where you can store files and be able to access them from any computer. I got a log-in and password protected account from Dropbox which is large enough to store your manuscripts, important documents and photos.   http://db.tt/FRFYl6eu

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