Review: The Martian

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The Martian
The Martian by Andy Weir
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book was recommended to me by a SciFi fan and I’m not generally a SciFi reader, so take this review with a pinch of salt. The science sections got too detailed and boring for me which distracted away from the story of this astronaut left behind on Mars by his team and what he had to do to survive till he was rescued. It takes 4 years to travel between Earth and Mars, so the poor guy had a long wait and a panic to figure out how to produce enough oxygen, water, grow food etc. to survive.
This book started off slow, with toilet/adolescent humour and in diary/log format which put me off. After about a third, you start to get dialogue, the story picks up pace and gets interesting.
SciFi fans and boys will love this…

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Review: The Far Side of the Sun

Chronicles of Tania

The Far Side of the Sun
The Far Side of the Sun by Kate Furnivall
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book is about the mob, the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson after abdication of the throne of England, crime, love and the mafia set in a time just before the second world war. It’s a heady mix that should be an exciting read, but the book was bland, laboured and dragged on till the last 50 pages when the pace and action picked up.

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Valley of Amazement

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Chronicles of Tania

An enjoyable read following elements of ‘Memoirs of Geisha’, but without the underlying love story. The central relationship is the complicated connection between mother and daughter courtesans in turn of the century Shanghai. With issues of abandonment, mistrust and finally acceptance. The characters are strong and well rounded, except Lu Shang. You’ll have to read for yourself to see why.

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