7: Part.04


I am the wrath of ages

I am the rage of kings

I am the fury of fate

Pleasing with the punishment of pain and suffering


I was born burning

As I was born to burn

Lay waste to all in ashes

And make the world an urn


Scream patience to my converted

But they will never learn

For to feed their sorrowful hatred

Is all they will ever yearn


“Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down!”

They take refuge in the sanctifying fury of my flame

Their tempers sweltering ablaze

As they find a hapless victim to blame


Let envy feed your vanity

Let sloth weigh down your soul

But I shall consume you eventually

When rage devours you whole


Now my sweet sister pride

She likes you arrogant and blind

But I love your eyes wide open

As you destroy in you the kind…


Patient, tempered and sweet

Leaving only the hate and the mean

Those angry, selfish, seeds of me

Those very delectable tools I need


To burn your souls to cinders,

Leave you molten and without mercy

And watch you conform to my creed

Every hate-fuelled act filling you with vengeful glee


Save but for me

Hell Hath No Fury,

Threats of its eternal torment

Naught but meaningless futility


So burn dear child

Drown willingly in me

Let your fury run wild

For now and all eternity


I am the wrath of ages

I need no other names

I shall burn foreverlasting

And nothing can assuage my flames