7: Part.05

Lust is Lust as Lust is all things

Lust is Lust in its purified simplicity

Lust is Envy in its covetous jealousy

Lust is pride in knowing you own the devotion of another so completely

Lust is greed in its selfish need to feed every intimate desire so rambunctiously

Lust is gluttony over and over again as you partake of its delectable offerings insatiably

Lust is wrath in the sweet raking of nails down sweat streaked backs when conjoined blissfully

Lust is Sloth as you lay entwined in slovenly embraces, the afterglow of your union dancing like fireflies in a frog’s belly

Lust is Love in every intricately intimate little emotion gleaned as your eyes rove that favoured face in the heights of your ecstasy

Lust is Life in its hunger for more, the more you have the more you require so you seek to acquire relentlessly

Lust is Lust as Lust is all sins


7: Part.04


I am the wrath of ages

I am the rage of kings

I am the fury of fate

Pleasing with the punishment of pain and suffering


I was born burning

As I was born to burn

Lay waste to all in ashes

And make the world an urn


Scream patience to my converted

But they will never learn

For to feed their sorrowful hatred

Is all they will ever yearn


“Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down!”

They take refuge in the sanctifying fury of my flame

Their tempers sweltering ablaze

As they find a hapless victim to blame


Let envy feed your vanity

Let sloth weigh down your soul

But I shall consume you eventually

When rage devours you whole


Now my sweet sister pride

She likes you arrogant and blind

But I love your eyes wide open

As you destroy in you the kind…


Patient, tempered and sweet

Leaving only the hate and the mean

Those angry, selfish, seeds of me

Those very delectable tools I need


To burn your souls to cinders,

Leave you molten and without mercy

And watch you conform to my creed

Every hate-fuelled act filling you with vengeful glee


Save but for me

Hell Hath No Fury,

Threats of its eternal torment

Naught but meaningless futility


So burn dear child

Drown willingly in me

Let your fury run wild

For now and all eternity


I am the wrath of ages

I need no other names

I shall burn foreverlasting

And nothing can assuage my flames


7:Part.03 Envy

Oh Envy
Oh Envy
What sin is sweet as thee,
So malicious,
So spiteful,
And self-righteously lovely

‘Today is
the day,
that the board will convene,
To pick
a new partner
(pft) I do mean me, obviously!’

‘Well me
and one other
but speaking quite frankly…
She’s in it
so it seems
there’s equal opportunity’

‘Oh don’t be
the criteria calls for me;
it’s not like
I’m jealous
or just trying to be bitchy’

Oh Envy
Good Golly
Sweet eggs, spuds and gravy
Yet bitter as bile
And each bite
Keeps you hungry

‘I’d readily cop to it
I so would
believe me,
But truthfully
The truth
is actually quite hazy’

‘I mean it’s totally not envy
or jealousy,
believe me…
who cares,
we all know it should be me’

‘I’m pretty
I’m friendly
and everyone likes me;
I’m smarter
It’s a no brainer
she can’t play in my league’

‘Ha, and here
I had fear
that I gave in to envy;
Guess it was insecurity
talk about
being plain silly’

Oh Envy
You slay me
Such slick ingenuity
Succumbing to ego
Though we know
We turn ugly

Oh finally,
I’ve waited patiently.
Did They Just Reveal
That It Really Is Not Me??’

‘She’s Dumb
Fat and Lazy
Why Pick Her Over Me?
I Mean Just Look At Her
And C’mon Just Look At Me;
I’m Gorgeous In My Selfies’

‘What A Rip?!
What A Cow!
I Mean This Is Completely—
Is She Really
Coming Over To Hug Me??’

“I knew you
could do it;
congrats to you sweetie”
‘I hope you
die screaming,
you flea-ridden fatty!’

Oh Envy
Sour Sundry
All vinegar and jealousy
Insidiously bitchy
For you
There’s no remedy

7:Part.02 The Bet

Good evening my friends…

I am well & truly sorry for my long & somewhat sombre silence.

This absence was due to the sacking of my spirit till the point it was almost sapped of all substance.

 I told you once of Sloth,

the 7th son of Sin; that sultry seductress of the 7 headed salamander.

I told you of how I woke within the pit with the dead dissolving around me…

 Of how I ran till I ran into Wrath & woke before falling into his flames…

 Now I am inspired to speak of what has transpired since I’ve been gone.

 Once when walking the realm all dreams come from,

I spied a memory born before my time or yours:

 The seven deadly offspring of sin sat round revelling in their spoils

& this led to boasts about who swayed souls the most.

 Thus a bet was contrived to be concluded at the end of all things;

He who held the majority of sinners within their domain would be crowned king of all sins.

 The siblings then set about sending their minions out to scheme, seduce & relentlessly ensnare the sons of man.

 All except sloth who sat & seethed with a miasma that has long since seeped into the world to snatch the souls of those most susceptible to seeking serenity or safety.

 If you are of this disposition then this should be a creed you heed,

as Sloth has sought to secure you through means most insidious.

 By breathing upon the place you lay your head,

he turns your weariness of the world into his hooks to pull you into his realm.

 So when you step into the chamber where you slumber,

you’re sleeping in a sanctum of sloth.

 For when you step outside, all the things you wish to accomplish are fresh in the forefront of your mind;

your future infinite & filled with possibilities,

 but when you step into that space, all slivers of salvation become nonexistent

& what slithers into you is a sound & severe sleep.

 Isn’t it sad when your sanctuary becomes the source of the sorrow you seek solace from?

 I can almost hear him now salivating & savouring the promise of such a succulent serving such as I;

his laborious breath seeping out slowly but steadily.

 & just as he tries tirelessly to trap me in my own tiredness,

you can be sure his siblings are snaking their way into your consciousness.

 So I say to you sweet citizens

if you feel the folly of your fragile existence fall fully upon you;

 Be it Wrath, Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy or Gluttony…

 Calm yourself, close your eyes,

take a deep breath, relax.

 Fall into the sense of security that has shackled slaves like me

& millions more like me.

 & perhaps you will join us in populating this putrescent pit that sloth call’s home;

bolstering his bounty with the boon of your broken dreams.

 & when you’re brought before the final judge you can place blame on this testament as the beacon that beckoned you to provide sloth with the bodies he needed to win this bet.

7:Part.01 Introduction

     Sloth has denied me my dreams; I have been partial to gluttony & entangled limbs with Succubi the daughters of lust on occasion, but Sloth is the laborious son of Sin that has pulled me into his domain…But I Will Be FREE.

As I rise, the haze of sleep does not rise from me; every movement that brings me to my feet is a battle against comfort & peace. But when I stand…I see.

I see the Pitt all around me; others who fell prey to the leisure that began by seeking a respite from a weary world. They have now become nothing but foundations in this abomination; their words of warning now nothing but whispers in the wind.

     I feel that rush of panic, fear & anger & it leads me to move my feet. & I run & climb, climb over those that fell before me, climb over the fear of what I will become if I do not leave.

The further I get from the Pitt the more my anger at the injustice grows & soon I am looking upon a great flame that fuels the fire inside me. I pause in the realisation that this is the Wrath of ages & if I were to fall into his eternal fire I would be lost in his blinding rage.

     From son of sin to son of sin; I am caught between their extremes of manipulation…Then I wake in the cold & feverish sweat of nightmares.

A little known Disease

Weight by ethanarc

A little known disease/infection/parasite
is the need to survive
When it kills all else
in order to thrive

Your hopes, your dreams
Your love for your offspring/sibling
Your all it seems
Is this drug called breathing

Your friends, your loyalties
Your “unbending” moral standing
Your treasures and frivolities
All subject to that craven craving

Everything that you are
All traded in fear
Just so you can suck down
One more sweet hit of air

In a world gladly caved
To the pressures of this panic
Striving to “Live”
Seems hopeless and idiotic

Yet idiot that I am
I don’t consider myself a fool
For we only have 1 life to give/live
And it’s up to us to “choose” how we do

‘Sic Transit Gloria/ Glory Fades’

His first time,
some would not believe it;
because of his swagger when in school,
they automatically believe he’s not new to it.

“He’s So Cool”,
confidence with no parallel;
when talking to these girls’
his game’s not too hard to sell.

“He’s so hott”,
he has them all swooning;
clean cut & born pretty,
they idolize him without him trying.

When talking with friends’
they believe he’s overtasted it,
so they just relay their own experiences
& never ask about how many chics’ he hit.

Now there’s a party,
everyone’ll be there;
it’s at Roxanne’s house
which is remarkably rare.

She specifically invited him:
‘She’s the one always in the short skirt’;
she’s got a reputation,
she’s not JUST an uncontrollable flirt.

“Damn he’s going to ge some”
his friends’ whisper & smile;
they think he can handle her,
though they heard she’s quite wild.

She heads straight for him
once he gets there;
she takes him by the hand
& heads straight for the stairs’.

A lone bedroom she pushes him in.
She’s in right behind him & closes the door.
She pushes him onto the bed & turns off the lights’.
She joins him on the bed as he hears her feet leave the floor.

Despite all that he learned from his friends’,
he doesn’t feel so prepared.
A hand moves in the dark to a zipper;
this doesn’t seem quite fair.

His heart’s ramming his ribs like a hammer,
he wants to scream for her to stop.
But all he can do is barely whisper…
“This is so messed up”

He’s in her mouth
& moans’ as he’s slightly bit;
she tell’s him to keep the noise low,
unless he want to blow it.

A few minutes more
& he feels he’s ready to explode;
just then she stops
& tells him to hold his load.

She’s on his hips now,
her knees pinning his hands at his side.
He’s feeling violated
but still can’t tell her what it really feels’ like.

He is the lamb,
she is the slaughter.
He feels so helpless
& now isn’t even allowed to hold her.

He can’t believe he’s here,
he wants to let out a shout;
this used to be the reason he breathed,
but now it’s choking him out.

He begins to regret;
‘he should never have come up the stairs’.
She’s breathing quietly still;
he’s gasping for air.

He’s almost witless now,
but remembers he has to look cool;
if he doesn’t,
what’ll they say at school?!!

Nothing that he does seems to have any effect:
“This is the first & the last time” he says;
she takes a smile & puts him in her.
His head rolls back & his eyes are glazed.

‘He tells’ her that he loves her
but she’s probably only in it for s….so much more than he can ever give’

You don’t recover
from a night like this;
a victim still in bed after she left,
he lay completely motionless.

There’s a voice at the door
& he bolts out of there;
dripping wet & clearly depressed
he headed straight for the stairs.

No longer cool
but a boy in a state;
prepare for a life full of lies
& meaningless relationships.