Anyone giving Nanowrimo a try this year?

Basically the aim of Nanowrimo is to write a novel [50,000 words] in one month! Info here. I’m going to give it a try, and am debating whether to join up to the site. Eek! is there anyone else here having a go at this?

Should I write mine about the highs and lows of flat hunting in NW London, or something else entirely?!


Autumn leaves dreaming of love

This playful intimate fosters
hands wrapped
in luminescent orange
leaves, seeping
maple syrup luxuriance
and arms entwined
in the forest
where generosity meets with forgiveness.
The hero of the climb
squeezing them softly against
her ache torn breast.
The grapes of wrath have fallen, then,
cliched love
arms mapped in partnership
as they scale the stairs –
yellow papered leaves
bleeding, leeching
a path to paradise
surrendering each grey stone
to preciously forgotten fears.
I’m in the dark, glistening
he said
she said
soothe me anew
let this leaving of the warm place
envelop us in humanity,
not fallen.

I’ve worked a bit at the end part. Hmm..

The Waking

The Waking_Greyscale by ethanarc


As I lie waking
I hear the scraping,
Chilling my bones
With the sound it’s making

I try to ignore
& still my bones from quaking
Yet when I do
It becomes a raking

Nails on board
Or bone through flesh
I know not what
But fear the feel of its caress

Eyes shut tightly
Mind focused on frivolities
All the tactics employed
When wishing away the truth of your reality

Then I hear it
& my heart turns to stone
Frozen & weighted down
Enforcing the feelings that I’m not alone

A slow slumberous shuffle
With the scraping it’s companion
With each step I implore it to stop
But it steadily carries on

I try to come alive
Determined not to end in fear
But the thought is killed in me
As I hear a cackle emerge

I begin to act
Without my minds consent
I put my feet on the floor
As my psyche begs in lament

Every step a burden
How I even manage is a riddle
I reach for the door
My skin is pins & needles

My insides are screaming
As I open the door
I’m hiding behind it
Silently praying to the lord

I gather up my courage
& peek through the crack
I wait & watch patiently
Staring into the dark

It stays still as it is
Till my eyes begin to adjust
I see familiar shapes & forms
But their shadows I distrust

I see the top of the stairs
& where the banister rusts
I truly don’t want to
But I know that I must

I take a step toward it
Swallow a lump & take another
I want to know I overreacted
& this will all be over

I place a hand on the banister
Lean over to look down the stairs
I peer into the darkness
& scream out all my fear

There’s no longer pretense
For I see & I know
I try my best to flee
But my movements are far too slow

I will myself to do so
But stumble & fall down
I try with all my might
But by now my legs feel drowned

I frantically fight the fear
Flailing, struggling & running
I wake clammy still sweating
Still kicking & still screaming

Heart trying to win a race
I breathe & focus on breathing
Till my breath slows it’s pace
Somewhat calming my being

I sit curled fear receding
Wondering what caused this
My thoughts wander far
But return no thesis

My foot hurts from kicking
Running from terrors while dreaming
I go to lie back down
& still I hear my breathing

Steady & heavy
Monotonous & soothing
Till I take a breath
& I hear something moving

I hold the breath
But the breathing continues
It slowly gets closer
& again my fear ensues

My door I close every night
Stands slightly ajar
…then it begins to open
& the breathing is far from afar

My heart in my throat
Blocks all attempts to scream…

A story for Halloween…when you are nice and warm indoors

Chronicles of Tania


The Face in the Mirror


The minute she saw it, she knew that was the one. The beautiful first floor flat in St John’s Wood called to her. She was drawn to it and it to her. It was a karmic bond. Hilary had never felt like that about a flat before. As the thought entered her mind, she knew that she was right.

The flat buying process had been surprisingly fast. People at work had warned her about obstacles with estate agents and prepared her mentally for a process that would take months. In reality she moved in two weeks after viewing the place and had come across no obstacles.

As she unpacked, she looked around the high ceilinged, cream coloured living room and thought that old-fashioned brown leather sofas would suit the place and maybe wallpaper with a little floral design. She’d ask at the decorating…

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Novel update

Chronicles of Tania

Just have the prologue and epilogue to do and I’ve finished the second draft of my novel. Thank goodness! It’s around 55,000 words. Is that too short for a novel? When I checked Wikipedia it said the minimum novel length is 40,000 words. However, the general rule of thumb seems to be, from speaking to people and reading comments, around 80,000 words.

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