Seeking publications to approach

Chronicles of Tania

Can anyone recommend a publication for a creative non-fiction travel journal style piece? I wrote about a favourite place in London and can’t find a suitable publication to approach…

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Reaching Lily?

She stood so softly, she stood,

arms wrapped around angular


Bird shuttering eyes whipping


Curled back into the confines of cushions deep,

icy dewdrop of tears

shadow the mask of all shadowing.


It is hard to reach her,

anger scored deep into her bones –

keep away

fearsome prisoner

until I am yours.


Always delineating an

exit strategy,

no protective arms

swept this sinner from harm.


But the damage is not permanent,

rest true,

it is time to be reached,

it is time to celebrate acceptance.


Flesh of my flesh


sensuous serenity lingers

until the punishment room beckons again.

But, this is not that.

She wakefully cries stolen tears –

These are not superficial wars.

Crumbling was bought in the academy of disdain

Before her heart began wanting – 


whenever that was. 

Riddle of the Damned

I am not alive,
I am not dead;
Call me what you will,
In your heart I still instil dread.

Fight as you may
Fight as you might
Fight as you will
At my sight you still feel fright…

What am I?

I cause pain
I feel your pain
I pity you,
Yet from your terror I gain.

Day passes faster
Night draws closer
Rest at the first
Hunt at the next

What am I?

Born of evil
Dwelling in sin,
Kill for pleasure
Blood for the demon within.

Slaughter & massacre,
Turmoil & peril,
Are mine to bestow
Till your warm heart is still.

Why do I?

Feel your frailty
But weep not at your loss,
& time & time again
For your deaths I am the cause

Seeking no redemption,
Revelling in rage
When the bloodlust is upon me
The demon is loose from its cage

You still wonder what I am?

Nos’ Feratu my dear
& the father of them all;
The name is Kain
& my legend shall breed a call…

To all of my kind
The children of the night;
May dawn never find you
May dusk hide your plight