7:Part.03 Envy

Oh Envy
Oh Envy
What sin is sweet as thee,
So malicious,
So spiteful,
And self-righteously lovely

‘Today is
the day,
that the board will convene,
To pick
a new partner
(pft) I do mean me, obviously!’

‘Well me
and one other
but speaking quite frankly…
She’s in it
so it seems
there’s equal opportunity’

‘Oh don’t be
the criteria calls for me;
it’s not like
I’m jealous
or just trying to be bitchy’

Oh Envy
Good Golly
Sweet eggs, spuds and gravy
Yet bitter as bile
And each bite
Keeps you hungry

‘I’d readily cop to it
I so would
believe me,
But truthfully
The truth
is actually quite hazy’

‘I mean it’s totally not envy
or jealousy,
believe me…
who cares,
we all know it should be me’

‘I’m pretty
I’m friendly
and everyone likes me;
I’m smarter
It’s a no brainer
she can’t play in my league’

‘Ha, and here
I had fear
that I gave in to envy;
Guess it was insecurity
talk about
being plain silly’

Oh Envy
You slay me
Such slick ingenuity
Succumbing to ego
Though we know
We turn ugly

Oh finally,
I’ve waited patiently.
Did They Just Reveal
That It Really Is Not Me??’

‘She’s Dumb
Fat and Lazy
Why Pick Her Over Me?
I Mean Just Look At Her
And C’mon Just Look At Me;
I’m Gorgeous In My Selfies’

‘What A Rip?!
What A Cow!
I Mean This Is Completely—
Is She Really
Coming Over To Hug Me??’

“I knew you
could do it;
congrats to you sweetie”
‘I hope you
die screaming,
you flea-ridden fatty!’

Oh Envy
Sour Sundry
All vinegar and jealousy
Insidiously bitchy
For you
There’s no remedy


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