7:Part.01 Introduction

     Sloth has denied me my dreams; I have been partial to gluttony & entangled limbs with Succubi the daughters of lust on occasion, but Sloth is the laborious son of Sin that has pulled me into his domain…But I Will Be FREE.

As I rise, the haze of sleep does not rise from me; every movement that brings me to my feet is a battle against comfort & peace. But when I stand…I see.

I see the Pitt all around me; others who fell prey to the leisure that began by seeking a respite from a weary world. They have now become nothing but foundations in this abomination; their words of warning now nothing but whispers in the wind.

     I feel that rush of panic, fear & anger & it leads me to move my feet. & I run & climb, climb over those that fell before me, climb over the fear of what I will become if I do not leave.

The further I get from the Pitt the more my anger at the injustice grows & soon I am looking upon a great flame that fuels the fire inside me. I pause in the realisation that this is the Wrath of ages & if I were to fall into his eternal fire I would be lost in his blinding rage.

     From son of sin to son of sin; I am caught between their extremes of manipulation…Then I wake in the cold & feverish sweat of nightmares.


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