Writing sessions in Bayswater

Hi All,
West London Writers (part of Write Together Meet Up) still continues every Sunday afternoon whatever the weather. The concept is two hours of quiet writing on your writing project, followed by a pub social where we chat about our work and all things writing related.

It’s free to sign-up and RSVP to come along. Just buy a drink or a bite to eat as we are essentially renting a space for two hours at the coffee shop.

The next sessions are:

Hope to see you there!



3 thoughts on “Writing sessions in Bayswater

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  2. Hi Tania,
    Hope to catch up with you in Bayswater some time.
    I also wanted to interest you in a book project called 52:Loves | 52:Writers, which can be seen on my blog. The new deadline is 28th February 2014.
    best, Yolanda

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