‘Sic Transit Gloria/ Glory Fades’

His first time,
some would not believe it;
because of his swagger when in school,
they automatically believe he’s not new to it.

“He’s So Cool”,
confidence with no parallel;
when talking to these girls’
his game’s not too hard to sell.

“He’s so hott”,
he has them all swooning;
clean cut & born pretty,
they idolize him without him trying.

When talking with friends’
they believe he’s overtasted it,
so they just relay their own experiences
& never ask about how many chics’ he hit.

Now there’s a party,
everyone’ll be there;
it’s at Roxanne’s house
which is remarkably rare.

She specifically invited him:
‘She’s the one always in the short skirt’;
she’s got a reputation,
she’s not JUST an uncontrollable flirt.

“Damn he’s going to ge some”
his friends’ whisper & smile;
they think he can handle her,
though they heard she’s quite wild.

She heads straight for him
once he gets there;
she takes him by the hand
& heads straight for the stairs’.

A lone bedroom she pushes him in.
She’s in right behind him & closes the door.
She pushes him onto the bed & turns off the lights’.
She joins him on the bed as he hears her feet leave the floor.

Despite all that he learned from his friends’,
he doesn’t feel so prepared.
A hand moves in the dark to a zipper;
this doesn’t seem quite fair.

His heart’s ramming his ribs like a hammer,
he wants to scream for her to stop.
But all he can do is barely whisper…
“This is so messed up”

He’s in her mouth
& moans’ as he’s slightly bit;
she tell’s him to keep the noise low,
unless he want to blow it.

A few minutes more
& he feels he’s ready to explode;
just then she stops
& tells him to hold his load.

She’s on his hips now,
her knees pinning his hands at his side.
He’s feeling violated
but still can’t tell her what it really feels’ like.

He is the lamb,
she is the slaughter.
He feels so helpless
& now isn’t even allowed to hold her.

He can’t believe he’s here,
he wants to let out a shout;
this used to be the reason he breathed,
but now it’s choking him out.

He begins to regret;
‘he should never have come up the stairs’.
She’s breathing quietly still;
he’s gasping for air.

He’s almost witless now,
but remembers he has to look cool;
if he doesn’t,
what’ll they say at school?!!

Nothing that he does seems to have any effect:
“This is the first & the last time” he says;
she takes a smile & puts him in her.
His head rolls back & his eyes are glazed.

‘He tells’ her that he loves her
but she’s probably only in it for s….so much more than he can ever give’

You don’t recover
from a night like this;
a victim still in bed after she left,
he lay completely motionless.

There’s a voice at the door
& he bolts out of there;
dripping wet & clearly depressed
he headed straight for the stairs.

No longer cool
but a boy in a state;
prepare for a life full of lies
& meaningless relationships.


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