Reaching Lily?

She stood so softly, she stood,

arms wrapped around angular


Bird shuttering eyes whipping


Curled back into the confines of cushions deep,

icy dewdrop of tears

shadow the mask of all shadowing.


It is hard to reach her,

anger scored deep into her bones –

keep away

fearsome prisoner

until I am yours.


Always delineating an

exit strategy,

no protective arms

swept this sinner from harm.


But the damage is not permanent,

rest true,

it is time to be reached,

it is time to celebrate acceptance.


Flesh of my flesh


sensuous serenity lingers

until the punishment room beckons again.

But, this is not that.

She wakefully cries stolen tears –

These are not superficial wars.

Crumbling was bought in the academy of disdain

Before her heart began wanting – 


whenever that was. 


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