Queen of Winter

As twilight precedes the Dawn
& the day begins to break,
The darkness recedes to Erebus
& Nox resides for morning’s sake.

The grass & trees are clear
With nought but leaves & branches on them;
Then I feel her spirit wake
Her eyes like crystals or bright white gems.

She stretches her limbs, her body writhes
It’s apparent that she’s coming to;
She yawns as she stretches
It becomes a refreshing light breeze, bending the grass upon my shoes.

At first I’m uncertain
Not sure of what I feel,
& then the first snowflake
Descends to my heel.

My eyes are led downward
Watching it turn to water;
Then I feel cold on the tip of my ear
& my eyes behold yet another.

Next 3 then 4 then more & more
As the grass begins to coat;
My eyes come up & lo the trees
Are wearing a brilliant white coat.

I assume she’s shedding off
The frost of the night;
Though if I thought of how I knew all this
I’d probably end up in terror & fright.

The birds overhead
Are happily chirping;
This seems rather odd
For shouldn’t they be freezing?

Then I hear a voice sing,
Not words or speech just beautiful sound.
“It must be the wind” I think
But hear it again from the echoes that resound.

I look back around me
Up at the mountains afar;
I think I’m finally crazy,
For they seem full of happiness & laughter.

I hear another sound,
This time it’s different;
It’s that of wolves
Yellow eyes stare at me with nameless intent.

Yet they pass me by
As polite as neighbours;
“What madness is this?”
My mind reels & wonders.

I’m close to the edge now
Any more of this & I’ll break;
But then the song comes again
& leaves me calm in its wake.

I take a step forward
My boots sink into the snow,
Yet another step
& I’m prepared to go…

To anywhere the voice will lead
As long as it sings.
But then it stops
& unhappiness the silence brings.

I know not how I know when,
I know not why;
But I lift my gaze upward
& at the sight my heart urges my eyes to cry…

For I behold before me
The beauty of the ice,
The owner of the voice
Of description no words would suffice.

So I just look on
& surprisingly feel warmed by summer’s rays.
Be it her smile the cause,
Or this madness had finally set my brain ablaze…

I stare speechless at this goddess;
She takes a step without moving,
Lifts the winter to my face
& wipes the tear off my cheek…it’s soothing.

She replaces it with a kiss
& tells me shed no tears.
Her care & consolation,
Washes away worldly worries & fears.

She leaves me hopeful & alive.
Funny but not surprising;
For one who brings the winter
She leaves me with a disposition of spring.

I lie on the snow
Looking up at the sky;
All is peaceful now
Across the stars I see Aurora fly.

The warmth that was alight within me
Slowly begins to fade.
Replaced with silent sadness,
For the miracle is almost unmade.

I reach a hand to my face
& Pull away what she wiped away;
The tear turned to diamond
Holds the memory for me of that unforgettable day


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