Caught In The Eyes Of An Angel

Caught in the eyes of an Angel…

This life so slow;
So boring, so no
I wouldn’t like to tell you of mine.

I travel, I work,
I strive & I toil
But still no interest do I find.

Do not get me wrong
There’s damsels, there’s riches
To inheritance I’m 3rd in the line…

But still I lie waiting
My mind always saying
Sweet ‘Mercy’ when will I be thine.

I believe there is nothing
Worth feeling, worth wanting;
No emotion or possession so fine,

That would send my mind reeling;
My body left feeling
“My word aren’t you one of a kind.”

Before I unfold which
Events have led to this:
(my telling my tale of ascension).

I just want to say that
I’ll always tip my hat
To matters of love & emotion.

Now where was I…ah
Disillusioned by far
With life uneventful & sour.

I knelt down & prayed
To God & I said
“I want to know love by the hour.”

I opened my eyes
Looked up to the skies
& felt the wind wash me with power.

Then I looked back down,
& lo had I found
I was caught in the eyes of an Angel.

She was quite a beauty,
Hispanic & truly
The curviest of lasses was she.

But I noticed those later
At the moment what mattered
Was beauty & love I did see;

In the eyes of a stranger? Believe.

I know not description
Or any known diction
That can capture such a vision of truth.

My heart beat & pounded,
My pulse wildly thudded
I didn’t know what I would do.

She looked right at me,
Through me she did she
For I felt her lovely green gaze pierce my soul.

All the charity I’ve done;
All the good I’d forgone;

My spirit was bared on the whole,

To the eyes of an Angel, at a moment in time


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