The Waking

The Waking_Greyscale by ethanarc


As I lie waking
I hear the scraping,
Chilling my bones
With the sound it’s making

I try to ignore
& still my bones from quaking
Yet when I do
It becomes a raking

Nails on board
Or bone through flesh
I know not what
But fear the feel of its caress

Eyes shut tightly
Mind focused on frivolities
All the tactics employed
When wishing away the truth of your reality

Then I hear it
& my heart turns to stone
Frozen & weighted down
Enforcing the feelings that I’m not alone

A slow slumberous shuffle
With the scraping it’s companion
With each step I implore it to stop
But it steadily carries on

I try to come alive
Determined not to end in fear
But the thought is killed in me
As I hear a cackle emerge

I begin to act
Without my minds consent
I put my feet on the floor
As my psyche begs in lament

Every step a burden
How I even manage is a riddle
I reach for the door
My skin is pins & needles

My insides are screaming
As I open the door
I’m hiding behind it
Silently praying to the lord

I gather up my courage
& peek through the crack
I wait & watch patiently
Staring into the dark

It stays still as it is
Till my eyes begin to adjust
I see familiar shapes & forms
But their shadows I distrust

I see the top of the stairs
& where the banister rusts
I truly don’t want to
But I know that I must

I take a step toward it
Swallow a lump & take another
I want to know I overreacted
& this will all be over

I place a hand on the banister
Lean over to look down the stairs
I peer into the darkness
& scream out all my fear

There’s no longer pretense
For I see & I know
I try my best to flee
But my movements are far too slow

I will myself to do so
But stumble & fall down
I try with all my might
But by now my legs feel drowned

I frantically fight the fear
Flailing, struggling & running
I wake clammy still sweating
Still kicking & still screaming

Heart trying to win a race
I breathe & focus on breathing
Till my breath slows it’s pace
Somewhat calming my being

I sit curled fear receding
Wondering what caused this
My thoughts wander far
But return no thesis

My foot hurts from kicking
Running from terrors while dreaming
I go to lie back down
& still I hear my breathing

Steady & heavy
Monotonous & soothing
Till I take a breath
& I hear something moving

I hold the breath
But the breathing continues
It slowly gets closer
& again my fear ensues

My door I close every night
Stands slightly ajar
…then it begins to open
& the breathing is far from afar

My heart in my throat
Blocks all attempts to scream…


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