poem with irony – “dialogue with incest” – feedback needed please!

I wrote this poem for an assignment for an online course I’m doing. It is meant to include at least 2 examples of irony. I’m not sure if I’ve really got it covered, so would welcome some feedback, please. Thanks.

Dialogue with incest

Cutting with the blade
was the most gentle thing she ever did to herself.

Betrayal was the most
gratitude for a lifetime of

Come closer to me
break my heart, he said.
But – I broke the mist already
with the plaster I mended my heart with,
little abuser.

I fell up the stairs
that night he came to me,
Oh, how could he beget such joy
in a heart unwatched by loveliness!


3 thoughts on “poem with irony – “dialogue with incest” – feedback needed please!

  1. To start off, you know I always love all your stuff 🙂

    Like Trixy said, the 1st line is the one that is definitely in the irony category; the rest, i’ve pondered them but still not sure if they fall in.

  2. Thank you both. And for the appreciation. 🙂 It means a lot.

    How would you advise ironising [!] it more, Ethan? I had a couple of other lines in there that seemed ironic to me, but how could I make things clearer – without taking away the impact?

    Anyone else have any perspective also?

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