Emotional Olympics

This post is really a shameless plug for a Blog of mine that I’ve set up to get me through August. It’s also to educate ‘the general public’ about how quite severe psychological difficulties effect day to day life, and why.

When I first joined the Westminster Writers, I was determined to keep the fact that I was diagnosed with a mental illness [that is, depression plus] a secret. This soon became impossible – you don’t write from the heart and relate meaningfully to your peers and cover up your vulnerabilities.

It’s also ‘de rigueur’ these days to come out of the closet about these things, to combat stigma. I wish it were that easy to combat snap judgements and prejudice about psychological vulnerabilities…

I’m also keen to explore what they call ‘life writing’ in a semi extended form and maybe get some feedback. It’s not a WordPress blog, but I may post excerpts here. You’re welcome to follow it if you wish.

The Blog can be found at – http://emotionalolympics.blogspot.co.uk/


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