The Harvest

Chronicles of Tania

Mr Trotter looked at his fruit trees and vegetable patch with sadness. It had been a wet summer and the plant roots were water-logged and he had shrivelled mouldy fruit and vegetables to show for his efforts.

Mr Green his forever nosey neighbour popped his head over the fence to give his opinion on the state of things.

“Bad luck Trotter, you should have got that greenhouse put in. My babies are doing well despite the wretched weather.”

Mr Trotter looked at Mr Green’s smug grin and felt himself shrivel up inside. Mr Green’s marrows were set to win the coveted ‘Most impressive fruit and vegetable’ competition again this October. How his neighbour grew them to that size, he had no idea. Flavour didn’t seem to matter anymore in the competition. Large sized alien fruit and vegetables genetically modified out of all proportion seemed to be the order of the…

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