The Size of a Mountain (Version.02)


Still not sure how I’ll get over you;
just when I think I’ve reached the height of missing you,
new lows throw me back down to the base of this depression

Remembering things about you,
things I was aware of
& things I wasn’t aware I knew

Things of yours I hold onto,
tempted to make a monument to you
as monumental as I feel my love is for you

Always felt like I was trying my utmost to mean something to you,
while you emotionally stood stoic like your nature demanded it,
leaving me no choice but to leave you…or try harder to reach you

Make vows to leave you alone,
with angst & conviction
I truly believe my feelings for you I’ve turned to stone

Then I wake up one week later & feel full of you
like the most promising thing you can never imagine.
Angst turned…

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