[After struggling with the writing exercise I blogged about this month, Girls Don’t Fight, this is my attempt at believable sci-fi (my first ever sci-fi story, hrrah). I hope someone out there enjoys it, it was a nightmare to write!]

“I think they broke my nose.”

Those words stopped Adrian Bench in his tracks. He turned to face the speaker who stood holding his nose and wincing. He couldn’t actually hold his nose, the glass helmet he wore prevented any physical contact but his hand was positioned in the right place.

God I hope this isn’t the first one, Adrian thought as he scowled at the man. “Stop whining and brace yourself. There are worse things to come,” he barked. Then turning to the people standing closest to him he whispered “Check him.”

The men approached the injured man and began a thorough search of his protective suit. The…

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  1. Wow, scary.. It really drew me in. And I love the local colour. 🙂 [mention of Willesden!!!] Seriously, though, it has a kind of magnetic appeal by mentioning local areas. I need to express this better, I know.

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