What are you reading right now? How is it helping your writing?

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I’ve just finished reading Prep, by Curtis Sittenfeld. It’s set in an American boarding school of the recent past and chronicles the life and internal world of a girl, Lee, throughout her years there. She’s in many ways an archetypal ‘outsider’, an issue close to my heart. It was refreshing to read these difficulties taken seriously in a down to earth way. One of the things I gained from the book is that insecurities don’t completely define a person. I hope my writing will benefit from the diverse way in which the author describes complex emotions.  Plus, I’m always pondering in the back of my mind the format which my eventual autobiography will take.


Now, your turn. 🙂


4 thoughts on “What are you reading right now? How is it helping your writing?

  1. I finished Mind Readers last week and I’m reading Unenchanted this week, both YA paranormal/fantasy novels. I’m currently writing a YA paranormal romance which explores similar themes and it helps to keep up with what’s out there.

  2. Anything particular about them that attracts you?

    I’m now onto “Far cry” by John Harvey. It’s crime/psychological thriller. It’s a pretty fast paced read and it’s interesting because it covers really emotive topics – loss of children/murder etc – in a fairly non emotive way. I’m intrigued as to how Harvey does that. Will ponder!

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