Ladies Day at Ascot

Ladies Day at Ascot

The heavens pour

swimming pools into their shoes

A year of planning gets blown away

as barely held the umbrellas sway

The millinery Oscars are in full flow

outrageous feathers tickling the nose

Maxi-dresses hitched to the knees

avoiding the rising damp

As the fashionistas run for cover

of the Grand stand

Goose-bumped peacocks strike a pose

Jealously guarding their beaus

Sniffing contempt at yesterday’s clothes

The debutants of the show

A Royal wave; a horse parade

‘Green Destiny’ favourite 9 to 1

Exchange of money for ‘Fame and Glory’

Morning Suits revert to Dom Perignon

An announcement goes

The crowds lean forwards

Opera glasses to the eyes

Cheers rise to the skies

as hooves rush past the post

Stilettos in muddy earth

try gliding elegantly without sliding

to cash in on winning ‘Fame and Glory’.

© Tania Dias


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2 thoughts on “Ladies Day at Ascot

  1. I’ll see what I can do with the formatting when I log in with the Admin account in a bit.
    My favourite part of this poem is the first few lines, great imagery.

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