‘Attention all passengers, due to a person on the tracks there will be severe delays to this service.’

Great! All I needed was another delay in my already backlogged life. Did people not consider the rest of humanity before flinging themselves in the path of a speeding train? Not that it couldn’t have been an accident, it was just a bit odd that this was the second time this week the tracks had been closed for the same reason.

I sighed and slumped further into the dark dirty seat, trying hard not to dwell on what I might be sitting on. It was hard not to when you took a look around you and saw the people sitting there with you. There was a teenage girl beside me, who smelt like her shower was calling out to her, and a drooling old man who had been asleep since I got on…

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  1. Hiya! How are you getting your formatting sorted out when you reblog your posts to Westminster Writers? When I do the same, my formatting disappears! I tried re-editing on this blog as well as copying the post on to Word and pasting to no avail. Help! Tania

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