Chronicles of Tania




But we missed it!



Though we set out at 7am

queued in Wimbledon Park from 8am to 12pm

camped on damp newspapers on the grass

talked to our neighbours

opened umbrellas to shade under scorching sun

or protect us in drizzle.



The queue moved like a sloth

Feet shuffling slowly we got to the grounds eventually

Now which queue to choose?

The one for the toilets, food and drink, the courts or all three?



‘Federer look this way!’ screamed an autograph hunter

A stampede, flash of bulbs, squeals

I tip toed to see over the crowd

Was that a portion of the back of Federer’s head?

I couldn’t be sure.



A trip to the ‘hill’ showed no patch of grass free of human flesh

The sea of faces were glued to the screen which showed Sharapova at some stage…

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